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We Pride Ourselves in manufacturing Ayurvedic products implementing Modern Herbal manufacturing methods. Our expertise is to infuse Ancient Ayurvedic science with Modernity.

  • NuZen Gold Herbal Hair oil Generates New Hair Growth

    Made from a proprietary mix of herbs, flowers, fruits and oil. The oil is a treasure trove of natural ingredients like Amalaki, Bhringaraja, Methika, Japa Pushpa and Patra, Narikela, Nimbukam and Vatada.Inspired from “BHAVAPRAKASA NIGHANTUVU”, a lexicon of Ayurveda

  • NuZen Herbal Anti-Hairfall Shampoo with Conditioner

    An excellent 2-in-1 herbal formulation of Aloe Vera, Soya(Rich in proteins), Coconut Oil and Olive Oil derivatives that reduces hair fall, provides nourishment & protects the hair shafts from damage . It also moisturizes and imparts smoothness to your hair.

  • NuZen Herbal Protein Shampoo

    A complete hair care formulation specially compiled to bring back the healthy growth and glow to your hair. Enriched with Ayurvedic herbs that revitalises and restores beauty to hair therefore giving the hair a natural radiant shine.


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